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That1card has re-christened its vision statement as Jio for Invitations.

After observing the working and operations of several rural manufcturers in the event stationery segment, That1Card has come to realize that the actual pain-point in this industry isn’t the lack of e-commerce options for retail sales. Rather, it is the inadequate process and data-capture mechanisms that leave several traditional players incapable of using these digital commerce channels.

Therefore, we set out on a mission to create solutions that effectively transforms the experience for everyone across the supply chain in the event stationery segment using digital solutions.


Stockiest – Retailer:

(i)Data Capture Mechanisms: Smartphone scanning technology with QR code enablement for SKU mapping of non-standard products

(ii)Stock visibility module for Stockiest developed on PHP

(iii) SAMPLY App created with Android technology for Retailers to get dynamic access to stock details and to block orders

End Customers:

(i) E-commerce solution developed on Magento CMS for product purchase of pre-catalogued products and WordPress CMS for customized product portfolio

(ii) Vernacular proofreading software developed in Java and Angular JS framework

(iii) Augmented reality Invitations developed using CorelDraw, Maya, 3Ds Max and open-source software


Digital Enablement across the Event Stationery Landscape

We are working on a platform to partner with farmers and traders and improve vegetable supply chain for good.

Financial support from CEDI:

INR 25 Lakhs

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Mr.Ajeeth Gajendran

Mr.Siva Kannan

Mr.Swaroop Vijayakumar