Blaer Motors

About Us

Blaer Motors private limited is a start-up of four engineering graduates who were determined to set foot into the automobile sector. Blaer motors is primarily aimed at manufacturing and supplying eco-friendly and high-performance hybrid power trains for two wheelers at low cost.

Blaer motors utilizes a technology called “Secondary Power Assist” for two wheelers which was developed by the founders of the company, is a hybrid power train which incorporates an engine and a motor which runs together simultaneously to increase the performance, mileage and reduce the emission from the exhaust.


In our invention, a thin compact brushless DC motor is mounted between the engine and the transmission system. The motor/generator acts as a secondary driving unit which not only drives the vehicle by itself but also assists the ICE. Therefore, it is possible to improve fuel efficiency and emissions control at the initial acceleration by completely shutting off the ICE and providing the initial thrust to move the vehicle from the BLDC motor.

It also assists the ICE at high speed conditions by simultaneously running along with the ICE and providing an increased power output. Another aspect of the present invention is that it provides increased torque output to the final chain drive from the BLDC motor through manually transmitted gear box.

Financial support from CEDI:

INR 25 Lakhs





Mr.Adarsh Lakshmanan