Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)

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Faculty Development Programme (FDP)

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CEDI has conducted the following promotional and awareness events at Trichy, Coimbatore and Chennai

S.No Name of the promotional Event Date & Location Number of attendees
1. CEDI Facilitation Meeting at Chennai 19.1.2013 at CII Chennai 25
2. CEDI Awareness Event at Trichy 02.02.2013 at SRM hotel, Trichy 25
3. CEDI Awareness event for NITT Faculty and students at Trichy 21.02.2013 at NIT-Trichy 80
4. CEDI Facilitation Meeting at Coimbatore 16.3.2013 at CII Coimbatore 30
5. CEDI Awareness Event for NITT Faculty 30th Sep 2013 at NIT-Trichy 25
6. Awareness Event on seed funding at Trichy 21st Dec 2013 at NIT - Trichy 25
7. Facilitation Meeting at Chennai 1st Feb 2014 at IIM – Trichy Chennai Campus 25
8. Facilitation Meeting at Chennai 10th Oct 2015 at Bangalore 25
9. Facilitation Meeting at Chennai 05th Dec 2015 at PRSG College, Coimbatore 26
10. CEDI - Information Event 12th Dec 2015 at Ramyas Hotel, Trichy 90
11. CEDI - Information Event 7th Aug 2016 at Sonata Software, Bangalore 25
12. CEDI - Information Event 15th Oct 2016 at Loyola college, Chennai 28
13. CEDI - Information Event 7th Jan 2017 at Ardra Hotel, Coimbatore 45
CEDI - Information Event 21st Jan 2017 at Deccan Plaza, Chennai 40

Fidelity Innovation Challenge

CEDI partnered with Entrepreneurship Cell (E-cell) of NIT-Trichy in co-sponsoring an Innovation Challenge contest promoted by Fidelity Investments. The event was organized at NIT-Trichy on 25th August 2014 for Pre final Year B.Tech students. More than 150 students participated. The event empowered students to form Mock start-up ventures with real-time problems and arriving at a solution as a team of Fund Manager, Financial Advisor, Leader, Enthusiast, designer, Developer, etc.

Startup Weekend

Google Powered Startup Weekend, a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. One such licensed event was co-sponsored by CEDI and organized at NIT Trichy from 12 – 14 September 2014 with more than 100 participants, where the participants were required to pitch their raw idea which could be in any vertical/theme like Technology, Education, Health, Disability, Environment, etc. and work on building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) thus propelling them to take their idea to the next stage.

Seminar on Social Thinking

Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society's most pressing social problems. E-Cell NIT Trichy & CEDI in association with IIM Calcutta gave all the students of NIT Trichy an opportunity to interact and learn from the experts in the field of Social Entrepreneurship on 21st March 2015. TATA Social Enterprise Challenge, a Joint Initiative with IIM Calcutta presents THINKING - A Seminar on Social Entrepreneurship, connecting youth to social enterprise.