About Us

GMETRI is a web-based platform offering immersive 3D experiences at the click of a button, that is compatible with VR Headsets, and all devices like phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

This allows our Clients to reach a wide audience offering an immersive project showcase that is quick to load, on their own website, without requiring any app installation to run, just by sharing a link.

Our Clients can promote these photo-realistic experiences through advertisements, or even as text messages, and people around the globe can reach the experience in seconds, on any device.


G3D Platform - A super-light web platform that showcases virtual spaces and creates tours with real depth in 360°.

AutoWalkthrough  - Create an immersive AutoWalkthrough, highlighting what's best about your projects while focusing on every buyer's individual choices.

Photo-realistic 360° 3D Visualization - Services for Builders, Architects and Interior Designers.

Financial support from CEDI:

INR 25 Lakhs


Mr. Utsav Mathur

Mr.Sahil Ahuja