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Innovaga Technology Pvt Ltd is focused on providing complete solutions for complex multimedia IP and System designs with best in class engineering capabilities and most cost-efficient business model. As the process geometry shrinks to 28nm and beyond, so does the complexity of its corresponding technologies and design methodologies. Cost and competition are forcing IC designers to adopt reusable design blocks or IPs to meet the demands of the market.


In this internet era access to media content from internet can be done in many ways. The people go for 2G/3G based data connection in mobile or pstn based broadband service. In fact most people are inherently started to use mobile based web applications such as social media and community chat. But when it comes to internet based multimedia accessing such as streaming video the mobile devices start to struggle in terms of bandwidth, buffer and consistency. Receiving Good quality video streaming in a gadget over the mobile broadband is tough task.

Innovaga working on ip solutions for internet based media streaming, which will use hardware passed player and work in adhoc based on the active network status. The digital gadget that can be used to store and play media streaming with subscription based service through mobile internet connectivity.

Financial support from CEDI:

INR 25 Lakhs