Silicic Innova Technologies Private Limited

About Us

Silicic Innova Technologies is an India based company having its headquarters in National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu. Silicic Innova Technologies is the first company started in National Institute of Technology, Trichy Campus under Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Incubation (CEDI) Scheme. 

Silicic Innova Technologies is an expert team of embedded hardware, VLSI Design/Verification and software engineers, capable of converting customer requirement into products. The research team has been successfully working on telemedicine and its associated products that involve Android/Linux/FPGA based embedded system design and software development for low cost health care and telemedicine products.


A low cost portable eye diagnosis system for people in underdeveloped countries

Financial support from CEDI:

INR 25 Lakhs


Runner up spot in TIE Competition
New Delhi at Asia level


Mr.Rohit Joshi