$1400 Direct Stimulus Check Deposit Date [between 17 May 2024 And 15 April 2025] Check Eligibility & Payment Dates

$1400 Direct Stimulus Check Deposit Date: The Internal Revenue Service- IRS in the USA is providing 4th direct stimulus check to Eligible beneficiaries where citizens can claim up to 1400 USD. If you are also living in the country and have early law or middle cap salary per month then you can receive a $1400 Direct Stimulus Check Deposit in your bank account in 2024. Most of the beneficiaries have already received 3 rounds of stimulus checks and now waiting for the 4th round of stimulus checks in 2024. You can check the eligibility criteria, direct stimulus check dates in 2024, payment release information etc in this article.

A direct stimulus check is a payment made by the U.S. government to eligible individuals during times of economic hardship. The money is meant to give people a financial boost and encourage spending, which can help stimulate the economy. These $1400 Direct Stimulus Check Deposit are typically sent via direct deposit or by mail. There have been several rounds of stimulus checks issued in recent years, including in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The most recent round, authorized in early 2024, provided payments of $1,400 to qualifying individuals. 

$1400 Direct Stimulus Check Deposit Date & Payment

As mentioned the government is only releasing the payment of direct stimulus checks during and pandemic or financial issue, now COVID-19 has been resolved and situations have become controlled, there is no expectation from the IRS to Release the next round of stimulus checks to the beneficiaries. However, Government has provided a total of 3 rounds of stimulus checks in previous years after the COVID-19 pandemic.

So if you are waiting to receive the next 4th direct stimulus check then you should check the official notification from the authority. However in case if you have not received the previous amount of stimulus checks yet then you can claim the previous amount from the authority. According to the reports of the IRS, more than 600,000 citizens in the country have not received the previous stimulus checks in their bank accounts. So if you are also one of those who were eligible to get the stimulus checks but have not received them yet then you claim for a maximum of $1400 Direct Stimulus Check Deposit accordingly while submitting your tax for this year.

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Eligibility for $1400 Direct Stimulus Check Deposit

  • All the citizens in USA are eligible to apply for the credits of direct stimulus checks 2024.
  • Candidate have to submit the income tax for the financial year where the direct stimulus checks were released, so you should submit your tax from the 2018 to yet to claim the pending amount of stimulus checks.
  • You should have a unique social security number
  • The adjusted gross income of the candidate should not be more than 75000 USD and 150000 USD for legal partners to claim the full payment of direct stimulus checks, however, you can also claim the amount with the higher gross income where you will receive the reduced amount accordingly.
  • you couldn’t be claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer.

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Direct Stimulus Checks Payment 2024 

There is no need to apply for the payment of direct stimulus checks as the authority is providing the pending amount to the beneficiaries accordingly by checking their name in the tax collecting software in USA. However it is important to pay the tax annually for the previous year to be eligible for the pending scheme of previous years including direct stimulus checks.

Beneficiaries can receive the amount from 600 USD and more according to the number of children in the family and size of the family. You can claim 600 USD for children whose age is less than 17 and is living with you with your legal partner. However authority will automatically calculate the beneficial amount according to your annual income and the category of your family.