5 Rs Old Note Selling: 5 रुपए का यह नोट आपको रातों-रात बना देगा करोड़पति, जानिए कैसे

5 rs Old Note Selling Process: Currently old currency note collection business is growing and circulating very fast in India where many citizens who have specific and unique Indian currency notes are getting lakhs of rupees to sell Old Notes and Coins. So if you are also an individual who is having unique notes then can become a millionaire in few minutes after selling your currency notes to the buyer. Today we will share with you the information of 5 rs Old Note Selling Process which is very demanding among currency collectors and you can check your chance to get approximately 5 lakh rupees of selling your old currency note

There are many person who have a hobby of collecting old and unique currency notes and coins. The demand of different currencies are circulating on various platforms on internet and currently buyers are looking for a old note of Rs 5 in India. However most of the transactions of 5 rupees are done through new Rs 5 coin, but still there are many Rs 5 note circulating in the market. So if you have or seen any five rupee note of Indian currency then you should look out the note and verify the information available in the Rs 5 rupee note. If these information match all the conditions of the buyers then you can get your desired amount for up to 5 lakh rupees after 5 rs Old Note Selling accordingly. 

Specification of 5 rs Old Note Selling 2024

As much as your old and unique 5 rupee note has specifications the amount of the note will automatically increase. Currently, you should check the Rs 5 note in India which has printed Ashok chakra in the transparent portion of the note which is viewable in daylight or sunlight. Apart from this the code of 786 number 5 rs note is very demanding.

So if you have a currency of Rs 5 note which have the number of 786 in the series of the currency then your amount may be sold out on the internet platform through buyers who have interest to purchase this note. Apart from this if 786 is available at the last of the series then you are offered for maximum Rs 5 lakh rupees from many person who have hobby to collect old currency notes.

So if you meet all the about certain specifications of the currency note of 5 rs Old Note then you can sold to buyers. If you are unable to find the good buyer who is paying maximum amount for your note then you can follow the following procedure to sell your unique note (5 rs Old Note Selling 2024) on internet platform without help of any mediator. 

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Online Sale 5 rupee note 2024

OLX is one of the famous platforms in India and across the world which offers free of cost service of selling and purchasing any item through online mode. You can sell any item that you have on this platform by listing it and if any buyer searches for the same product, then your information will appear on his screen and he will contact you to negotiate and purchase the item accordingly. So if you have a 5 rupee note in India which is unique and demanding among old currency note collection agencies then you can follow the following procedure to sell it on OLX platform: 

  • First of all, download the mobile application of OLX on your smartphone 
  • Now you have to provide your mobile number to create your user id and password 
  • After that you will be asked to enter your personal information such as name and email ID for creating a profile.
  • Now you can see two options of Old Note selling or purchasing Old Notes where you have to click on the selling link and you can see multiple section in the application where you have to click on the old currency note in the list 
  • After this you will be asked to upload the photograph of the currency note 
  • Now you have to write all the specifications of the currency note in briefly in the next section 
  • At the end you have to enter the price amount to sell the Old 5 Rs note. 

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Once you provide all the details you can submit your application, anyone who is searching about Rs 5 note with the unique specifications then your profile will blink on his screen and he will contact to you to purchase or get details of the notes accordingly.