$700 + $1,000 + $300 CRA Triple Deposit Dates 2024: Check The Eligibility, Payment Schedule & Claim Process

$700 + $1,000 + $300 CRA Triple Deposit Dates 2024: Canada Revenue Agency CRA is planning to give financial assistance of approximately a total of $2000 in the country for citizens who are availing of different senior citizens scheme benefits. If you are also living in the country and all ladies applied for the old age Security scheme in the country then you can collect approximately $2000 in June month if you fulfill the certain $700 + $1,000 + $300 CRA Deposit Dates eligibility criteria and important documentation which have mentioned in the article. Today we will provide you with all the information on CRA triple payments of 700 + $1000 + 300 dollars. The $700 + $1,000 + $300 CRA Triple Deposit Dates 2024 will be provided for multiple purposes to the eligible beneficiaries. 

The government of Canada is sensitive toward their citizens especially senior citizens as they depend on the State Government schemes for their medical expenses, lifestyle, grocery dependency, etc. so the authority is running two specific schemes for senior citizens including the Canada pension plan which is famous as CPP and old age security plan which is famous as OAS. CPP is an investment-based pension plan where individual have to participate in monthly investments during their employment and young age to get a higher pension after the retirement of 65 years.

$700 + $1,000 + $300 CRA Triple Payments 2024

However, the OAS plan is very beneficial for senior citizens in the country who failed to invest in CPP as there is no investment required to be eligible for monthly payment of oas plan in Canada. So all the senior citizens are getting monthly payments according to the increment by CRA in the payment.

As the cost of living and other expenses such as medical expenses are continuously increasing in the country CRA is focusing on providing additional amounts to senior citizens for their welfare. It is proposed by the federal government to release the $700 + $1,000 + $300 CRA Triple Deposit Dates 2024 for the beneficiaries in June month.

However it is pending to be approval by the government but once it approved, the direct payment of the approximately $2000 in the country will be transferred to the bank account of the beneficiaries. However, you are suggested to check and revise your $700 + $1,000 + $300 CRA Triple Deposit Dates 2024 eligibility criteria to be selected for the scheme in the first installment. 

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$700 + $1,000 + $300 CRA Triple Deposit Dates 2024 Eligibility

If you wish to receive the $700+$1000+$300 Triple Payment then you can check the eligibility criteria for the OAS 2000 payment in June month 2024: 

  • The beneficiary should be a citizen of Canada to be eligible for oas monthly payment 
  • It is important to live in the country for at least 10 years after completing the age of 18 to receive the payment of oas 
  • The CRA TRIPLE PAYMENT SCHEDULE 2024 of the plan will start to be released once the beneficiary get the age of 65.
  • How much you live in the country after the 10 years the beneficiary amount will also increase automatically and it will also impact your regional providence and cost of living in your provision accordingly to increase the payment. 
  • Applicants are required to pay the annual tax to the government without any delaying to receive the financial assistance and tax relief benefits. 

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OAS $2000 Payment date

The $700 + $1,000 + $300 CRA payment of oas plan is released by the CRA per month to the beneficiaries in their bank account directly. However the bill is proposed to the government but have not been accepted yet. So CRA have not provided any specific date of releasing the additional payment of $2000 in the country for beneficiaries.

But if the government accept demand of the people and other financial reports in the country then you may receive your payment along with the regular oas monthly payment in June month of 2024. The authority will automatically find out list of the eligible beneficiaries to be eligible for getting the extra payment of $2000 from the data in their software.

But you can also claim the amount by visiting to the official website of CRA where you have to login to your dashboard under the my CRA section. After that you can see multiple relief payment claim application forms where you will easily find the application form of clam $2000 OAS extra payment in June month 2024. Once you fill the $700 + $1,000 + $300 CRA application form government will be notified about your $700 + $1000 + $300 CRA Triple Payment Eligibility 2024 and you can get the $700+$1000+$300 3x Payments in bank account without any delaying.