कम सिबिल स्कोर या लोन खारिज हो रहा है बार-बार, घबराएं नहीं अब नहीं होगा- Apply For A Personal Loan Without A Cibil Score 2024

apply for a personal loan without a Cibil score 2024: A Loan is a special facility provided by banks and financial companies to their citizens which is helpful at the time of any emergency or instant need of money. Banks are asking for multiple documents and checking the CIBIL scores of their customers before providing the Loan Amount. A large number of Indian citizens are facing the problem of low CIBIL scores and they are getting rejection of their loan application forms.

So if your CIBIL score is also low or you do not want to show the CIBIL score to the bank for a personal loan then you can follow the tips which will be provided in this article, so you can easily apply personal loan without a Cibil score within a 2 minutes. Check the step-by-step procedure, eligibility criteria, and list of the companies that are providing personal loans without cibil scores in 2024

Apply for a Personal loan without a Cibil score of 2024

Due to digitalization in India, many small financial companies are growing and providing financial services to their customers. Nonbanking financial companies- NBFC are also approved by RBI to provide Financial Services. So if you want to get a personal loan within a few minutes without showing the CIBIL score then you can contact these companies. Due to promotional purposes and gaining the interest of their customers, companies are providing relaxation on eligibility for providing personal loans. However, these companies recharge higher interstate which is a maximum of 36% and is decided by the condition of the customer. But getting loan approval in a small financial company is very easy and you can get up to 3 lakh rupees within 2 minutes by using your smartphone. 

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Who can Apply for a Personal Loan without a Cibil Score 2024? 

  • All Indian citizens can get personal loans without showing a CIBIL score in a specific small financial company.
  • The minimum age of the applicant should be more than 21 years at the time of applying. The maximum should be 59 or 65 which will vary according to the loan providing company.
  • You should have a regular source of income to ensure the company that you can repay the loan amount
  • Interest rates and processing fees are quite high in a small financial company so you have to prepare to pay up to 36% interest and up to 10% processing fees and the time of getting a personal loan.
  • You should have a bank account in any bank in India and if it is digitalized then you will get fast approval
  • Mobile number should be linked with Aadhar Card and PAN card and should also be linked with a bank account where you will receive a loan.
  • Applicants have to carry an Aadhar card, PAN card, bank account details, mobile number, and a smartphone with internet connectivity to apply online for a personal loan without cibil score of 2024.

Apply personal loan without cibil score

  • Download the mobile application on your smartphone that provides personal loans without cibil scores. You can check the list of the financial companies and mobile applications that are providing this facility.
  • After that, you have to register by entering your mobile number and OTP
  • Create a profile by providing personal details and complete the KYC by providing your Aadhar card, PAN card, and account number details.
  • The bank will also ask you to upload real-time selfie by using the front camera to complete the KYC
  • Once you submit your details, the Bank will calculate the loan amount according to your eligibility and offer you the loan amount
  • Once you click on submit you will receive the loan in your bank within a few minutes after getting approval

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List of mobile applications for personal loans without CIBIL score 

We are listing some mobile applications that provide Apply for a Personal Loan without a Cibil Score 2024 facilities to their customers through online mode without visiting the branch. you can also search other applications on the internet according to your needs and interests:

Apply for a Personal Loan without a Cibil Score 2024:

  • Hero Fincorp mobile application where you can get up to 3 lakh rupees loan with a range of 18% to 36% interest rates.
  • Branch loans Will provide up to 500000 instant loans with starting interest rates of 19% annually
  • Smart coin mobile application will charge interest rates from 16% for Rs 1 lakh instant loan
  • Money Review mobile application is offering up to 5 lakh loans with interest rates of 17% annually and it will increase according to the condition of the customer.