Canada HST Payment 2024 : Check Eligibility, HST Payment Due Dates,

Canada HST Payment 2024 : The Canadian Revenue Agency declares the Canada HST Payment 2024 on multiple quarters in a year. If you are also preparing for the next Canada HST Payment 2024 for CRA, then you should check the latest updates from the Canada Revenue Agency about the Canada HST Payment 2024. Today we will discuss with you important dates of Canada HST Payment 2024 which will help you to locate the next Canada HST Payment 2024 due date and will help you to get the maximum benefit of the scheme.

The Canada Revenue Agency collects tax in multiple forms such as GST, and other service tax from all the Provinces of Canada across the year. The HST, or Harmonized Sales Tax, is a type of sales tax in Canada that combines the federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) with a provincial sales tax (PST). It’s applied to most goods and services purchased in five Canadian provinces : New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Ontario. However businesses of different fields are required to register the HST and fill it out timely according to their provinces, but normal citizens whose annual income is low are invited by the Canadian Revenue Agency to receive HST credit on different months. 

Canada HST Payment 2024

Canada Revenue Agency sends the credit of Canada HST Payment 2024 to the beneficiaries in the gap of every three months. The month of July, October, January, and April are selected by the Canada Revenue Agency CRA to provide credit amounts for the previous quarter. On the fifth day of the above month, beneficiaries receive the Canada HST Payment 2024 amount in their bank account according to their family and tax-related information.

However, if you are preparing for the upcoming Canada HST Payment 2024, then you should mark your calendar for 5 July, 2024 as CRA will release the credit amounts of Canada HST Payment 2024 in the bank account of beneficiaries on that day. The government has already provided the credit amount of HST for the previous quarter on 5 April, 2024. 

An Overview of Canada HST Payment 2024

Post TitleCanada HST Payment 2024
Name of DepartmentCanada Revenue Agency
Next Payment Month05th July, 2024
Official WebsiteCLICK HERE

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Canada GST/HST Credit Dates 2024: Credit Payment Schedule, Registration & Eligibility

Eligibility criteria for Canada HST Payment 2024

There are two types of eligibility, the first eligibility is for business individuals who want to submit their HST and the second type of eligibility is prepared for those individuals whose income is very low and who want to get HST credits. However, we are discussing with you the Eligibility criteria for Canada HST Payment 2024 in this section :-

  • The individuals who are more than 19 years old and have either a legal spouse/partner or Should be a single parent of a child and taking care of the child in their custody.
  • The applicant should be a citizen of Canada and pay the tax Before the CRA makes payment.

There are no other conditions to receive the Canada HST Payment 2024 from the Canada Revenue Agency however the family member and number of children may increase or decrease the credit amount of HST.

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HST credits of CRA 2024

The credit amounts of HST are prepared according to the family member and the status of the family. If any individual is living without a spouse with their children then he will only get the amount for their children and themselves and their salary will be calculated accordingly.

However a common spouse is living together then their combined salary will be included to prepare HST however the credit for per child in HST will be the same.

Canada HST Payment 2024
  • If any individual is applying then he will get HST Credit between 112.75 CAD to 496 CAD. 
  • If a common spouse is living together then they will get HSt credits between 16.75 CAD to 650 CAD.
  • After that individual will receive 171 CAD credits per child and it will increase according to the number of children.
Canada HST Payment 2024

If you are interested in applying for Canada HST Payment 2024 for the upcoming month i.e.. July 2024, then you should register yourself on the official website of the Canada Revenue Agency on the MY ACCOUNT portal.

You can attach the additional education form according to your category of the family such as Form RC 66 for children, and Form RC 151 for apply for without children. After that, you can send this form to the Canada Revenue Agency directly or mail it to the official website to receive the additional credits of Canada HST Payment 2024 in the upcoming month of July, 2024.

How to claim Canada HST Payment 2024 ?

  • The procedure to Claim Canada GST HST Credit 2024 is very simple.
  • The CRA will automatically identify your entitlement and distribute payments.
  • All you have to do is complete your annual tax return.
  • You must complete Form RC151, GST/HST Credit Application for persons who become Residents of Canada, as a new resident.
  • After reviewing your application, the CRA will enroll you for the payments if it is authorized.
  • To ensure that your children are taken into account when computing your payment amount, make sure to list them as dependents on your tax returns.
  • If you get married, have a new child, or separate from someone, let the CRA know so that your benefits can be amended appropriately.

Canada GST HST Credit Payment Dates 2024

Four times a year, the CRA pays the GST/HST credit. The Canada GST HST Credit Payment Dates 2024 are :-

  • January, 5th 2024.
  • April, 5th 2024
  • July, 5th 2024.
  • October, 4th 2024.

After the appointed dates, you should receive your payment within 10 business days. Your family’s net income and make-up will determine how much you will get. While some recipients still receive paper checks in the mail, the majority of recipients get paid by direct deposit.

In order to receive your payment on scheduled, make sure the CRA has the most recent version of your banking information.

FAQ’s : Canada HST Payment 2024

What is Canada HST Payment 2024 ?

HST Credit, which is a tax-free quarterly payment given by the Canadian government to families and people with low to moderate incomes to help them balance a portion of the HST they must pay.

How is the Canada HST Credit determined ?

The size of the HST credit depends on the net family income, marital status and whether an individual have children.

What are the next HST 2024 Payment Dates ?

The payment schedule for the HST credit is 5 July 2024 and 4 October 2024.