Chandu Champion First Review: पैरालंपिक गोल्ड मेडलिस्ट मुरलीकांत पेटकर की जर्नी से इंस्पायर्ड, जानें सब कुछ

Chandu Champion First Review: Kabir Khan’s new movie Chandu Champion with Kartik Aryan has been released on box office on 14th June 2024 and the craze of the movie can be assumed that most of the first days shows have been pre booked by fans in India as well as across the world including Burj Khalifa.

You can check the first review of Kartik Aryan’s Chandu champion movie 2024 in this article where we will share with you the detail information of the story in Chandu champion and will also share with you the reviews and reactions of the audience for the movie. The real inspiration of the movie Mr Muralikant Petkar have also appreciated the movie and become emotional during the first screening with film makers. 

Chandu champion review makes emotional the real hero

The film maker set the first review of the movie on 13th June 2024 for the specific audience including director Kabir Khan, actor Karthik Aryan, the inspiration of the Chandu champion Mr Muralikan Petkar and his son and other stakeholders of the movie have also watched the first review with the film maker.

Apart from this Indian army officers were also invited as special guests in this review of the movie and the director especially thanks to these army officers who join the first review with them. Kartik Aryan shared the since during the review of the movie on his Instagram profile where we can see the emotional scene in the theatre after ending the movie where Mr Murali Kan Patkar is seen very emotional and have tears in his eyes. Apart from this his son got also emotional and hugged the director and the actor Kartik Aryan. 

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Story of Murlikant Patkar

Murlikant Petkar’s story is one of incredible resilience and triumph, and it’s coming back into the spotlight with the upcoming release of “Chandu Champion.” This celebrated Indian athlete isn’t just the subject of a film; he’s the hero who won India’s very first Paralympic gold medal at the 1972 games. 

Petkar’s journey to sporting glory was far from straightforward. He started as a soldier, bravely serving in the 1965 Indo-Pak war, where he sustained severe bullet wounds that left him paralyzed. Yet, Petkar’s remarkable spirit shone through. He adapted to his new reality, transitioning from boxing to swimming, and eventually became a Paralympic champion.

Directed by the acclaimed Kabir Khan and starring Kartik Aaryan, “Chandu Champion” promises to chronicle Petkar’s inspiring journey from the battlefield to the podium. The recent emotional screening of the film, attended by Petkar himself, underscores the powerful impact his story continues to have.

As the biopic’s release approaches, Murlikant Petkar’s tale of overcoming adversity and achieving greatness is set to inspire a new generation.

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Review of Murlikant Petkar 2024

Set for release on June 14, 2024, “Chandu Champion” is receiving praise from critics for its heartfelt tribute to Murlikant Petkar’s incredible life story. Kartik Aaryan’s portrayal of Petkar is being hailed as possibly his best performance yet. Directed by Kabir Khan, known for films like “Lagaan” and “83”, the film is said to deliver another powerful and inspiring narrative.

While it highlights Petkar’s athletic achievements, critics appreciate how it delves deeper into his struggles and the broader challenges faced by Paralympic athletes. Despite some minor pacing issues and historical liberties for dramatic effect, “Chandu Champion” seems to be a crowd-pleaser with a strong emotional core. For those interested in stories of perseverance, overcoming adversity, and the power of the human spirit, this movie is likely to resonate. 

Efforts of Kartik Aryan in this movie

In an exclusive interview, Kartik Aaryan’s trainer revealed that they started a ‘program-based workout’ in 2022 for “Chandu Champion.” At the beginning, Kartik was significantly heavier, a fact that garnered scrutiny. The trainer was shocked by Kartik’s physicality, as he struggled with basic movements like squats, pull-ups, and push-ups.

Despite knowing Kartik had gained weight for his role in “Freddy,” the trainer was disturbed by his inability to perform these exercises. Starting from scratch, they rebuilt Kartik’s fitness from a beginner’s level, eventually enabling him to do push-ups with 50 kgs on his back. It took 13-14 months to achieve their fitness goals.