DA Arrear Payment News 2024: इस दिन मिलेगा 18 महीने का बकाया 2 लाख 18 हजार रुपए, तारीख कर लो नोट

DA Arrear Payment News 2024:The Modi government, which is ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, is planning to give two big gifts at a time to the working class, which is being discussed rapidly. According to 7th Pay Commission DA Arrear Payment News 2024, It is being said that the government can soon deposit the DA arrears money in the account, which will be of great benefit to the employees. Apart from this, the government is also likely to increase the fitment factor rates. With both these gifts, this year can prove to be like a booster dose, which will benefit a large number of people.

The government has not officially announced the 7th Pay Commission DA Arrear Payment News 2024, but according to media reports, such a claim is being made rapidly. If this claim is verified, then this year could be as important as a booster dose.

7th Pay Commission DA Arrear Payment News 2024

The DA amount will be deposited in the accounts soon, which can be a great event for the employees and pensioners. The government has decided to deposit the stamped 18 months DA arrears money into the accounts, which may be enough to touch everyone’s heart.

The Modi government did not give DA arrears to the central employees from January 2020 to June 30, 2021, at the time of Corona infection, and since then the employees have regularly demanded the same. If the government gives three halves, then there is a possibility of DA Arrear payment of about Rs 2 lakh 18 thousand, which can be considered as a big gift. This announcement has not been made officially by the government, but media reports are claiming the 7th Pay Commission DA Arrear Payment News 2024 it to be early.

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The fitment factor is going to increase

Central employees are continuously demanding an increase in fitment factor, which they have been eagerly waiting for a long time. Now it is believed that the government may soon approve the increase in fitment factor. The government cannot make any major contribution by increasing the fitment factor from 2.60 times to 3.0 times.

Due to this, there is a possibility of a bumper increase in the basic salary, which the government has not yet announced officially, but this big claim is being made in the media reports. The government can soon approve it, which will be enough to win everyone’s hearts.

What is the 7th pay commission?

The 7th Pay Commission of the Central Government started in January 2016 and to date, the salary, allowances, and other government benefits to all employees are being provided based on the 7th Pay Commission.

Objectives of the 7th Pay Commission

Governments establish commissions to serve various purposes, but the major objective of the Seventh Pay Commission is to ensure an increase in wages, provide maximum employment facilities to the employee, and most importantly, “protect the rights of employees”.

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Features of the 7th Pay Commission

There are many features of the Seventh Pay Commission, some of them are given below.

pay matrix

After the rounding off of the 7th Pay Commission, the old pay matrix was dissolved for the benefit of the new pay matrix (pay bands and grade pay were superseded), and a new pay matrix was introduced for the benefit of government employees. According to the 7th Pay Commission, they had designed many different pay matrices for different types of government jobs, such as defense, civilian, nursing services, and many others.

minimum wage

According to the Seventh Pay Commission, the minimum salary of the employee has increased from Rs 7000 to Rs 18000 per month, Earlier, earlier the lowest starting salary was Rs 7000 but now the lowest starting salary for newly recruited individuals will be Rs 18000. For Class 1 officers, the starting pay will be Rs 56,100. This is more than the previous pay of a Class 1 officer.

salary increase rate

According to the Seventh Pay Commission, the rate of increase in the salary of a government employee will be 3%, which will help the employee get a higher salary in the future.

Army Service Pay of 7th Pay Commission

As per the recommendation of the Seventh Pay Commission, the Army Service pay rates range from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000, Rs 4,200 to Rs 6,000, and Rs 3,600, 5,200, 10,800, and 15,500 according to sections.


The 7th Pay Commission has increased the ex-gratia in defines and defines categories from Rs 10-20 lakh to Rs 24-45 lakh.

House Rent Allowance (HRA)

As per the Seventh Pay Commission, the Cabinet has approved the recommendation to increase the House Rent Advance from Rs 7.50 lakh to Rs 25 lakh.

WRIL (Work Related Illness and Injury Leave)

Compared to earlier, hospital leave, special disability leave, and sick leave. All these leave categories have now been subsumed into a new leave category, WRIIL (Work Related Illness and Injury Leave), as recommended by the 7th Pay Commission to ensure that employees are entitled to leave for hospital stay and other reasons related to WRIIL.