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DA Hike July 2024: Central Government employees are aware of the increment in dearness allowance twice in a year and now waiting to receive the DA hike July 2024. So if you are also a government employee and want to know how much DA will increase in July 2024 then you can read this article where we will share with you the latest information on Central Government DA hike news 2024 including the calculation of DA, guidelines of 7th Pay commission on DA Hike July 2024, date of receiving DA hike payment 2024 etc. 

Dearness allowances are very important allowances for Central Government employees because they double the basic salary of the employees and provide financial help and support to all Central Government employees. Currently, employees are receiving 50% of basic pay as DA from January 2024. The next increment in dearness allowance is scheduled from the first of July 2024 according to the 7th pay commission. The government has been following a 4% hike in dearness allowance for the employees for a few years so employees are expecting to hike their DA from 50% to 54%. However, the final rates of DA will be released by the Central Government at the time of releasing the DA.

DA Hike July 2024DA Hike July 2024July DA ike calculation 2024DA Hike July 2024July DA ike calculation 2024

It is important to prepare by calculation of DA for employees to check the latest hike in the salary. Currently, the minimum salary in the Central government is 18000 basic pay. If the employee is receiving such payment with the current 50% DA then he is receiving 18000 +9000 (50% of basic salary) and other allowances such as house and rent announcement, medical and other travel allowance, etc.

but once the government increases the DA rates of 4% it will become a 54% dearness allowance for the July month of 2024. So after that, this employee will receive 18000 Plus 9720 (54% of the basic pay) and other allowances. So it will increase a minimum of 720 rupees for the employees. However, the rates of DA will make a major difference in calculating the net salary after including new DA rates.

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Big update on DA hike, DA will increase by this much percentage

The central government is following the 7th pay commission and their reports to provide salary and other facilities to the employees. The dearness allowance is also increased twice in a year due to reports in the 7th pay commission. However employees may receive a 4% hike in dearness allowance, but there is a special case in the 7th pay commission which is advocating that if that dearness allowance reaches up to 50% of the basic salary then government should revise the pay commission.

Show the DA has reached 50%, So employees are worried about this fact of the 7th pay commission. However new central government has not been notified about any bill or report on the new Pay commission or revision in the 7th pay commission but it is also a rumour that the DA rates are from 0%. And it will also revise the basic pay structure for the current basic pay plus DA.

According to this calculation, if an employee is receiving 18000 basic pay and getting 50% DA then he is earning 27000 and more including other allowances. But if government revises it from 0% then the basic pay will also be increased from 18000 to 27000 rupees and the new DA rates will be calculated on this basic pay. 

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Announcement of new DA hike 2024

The dearness allowance hike is based on the all-India CPI index. The Government prepares the index and showcases monthly inflation rates in the country. The report is released delayed for one month. For example, the July month report will be released at the end of August 2024.

So once the July month report is released, the government will increase DA accordingly. So it is expected that the government to announce the DA hike for July month of 2024 in September month. However, employees should not worry about the arrear payments from July to September as they will be released once the new DA is implemented. 

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