DA Hike News 2024: कर्मचारियों की सैलरी में सीधे-सीधे होना ₹9000 का उछाल, जानें लेटेस्ट अपडेट

DA Hike News 2024: The government is planning to increase dearness allowance for Government employees for the year of 2024. Centre employees are waiting to receive the updated DA in their salary from the first January of 2024. However government has not yet responded to the DA Hike News 2024 of increment in DA for the session of January to June 2024, But now the India CPI index has been prepared and employees will now receive a hiked DA with their salary. So if you are also a Central Government employee then you can check the latest updates from the central government about the DA Hike 2024.

The Central Government employees receive a monthly salary according to the provisions in the 7th pay commission. Apart from the basic pay, employees are also getting additional announces where a large portion of allowance comes from DA. Currently, employees are receiving 46% DA from the October month of 2023 and now waiting to receive increased DA with their salary for January and February. DA is provided according to the data in AICPI. January month AICPI has been prepared and now the increment in DA will be decided according to this index. 

DA Hike News 2024: 50% DA from January 2024

DA Hike News 2024: The government has increased by 4% DA in the last few years. DA is increased according to the inflation in the country which is mentioned in monthly data of consumer price index in AICPI. According to the latest DA Hike News 2024 & AICPI for January 2024, the government can increase the 4% DA for the employees for the January-June session of 2024.

The DA was 42% in last year’s session for January to June 2023, after that employees received a 4% hike in the dearness allowance and after that, it was increased to 46%, Now it is expected to increase for up to 50% of the basic salary. It means Government employees will now receive an additional half of their basic salary as DA in upcoming months from January to June 2024. However the government has not increased DA yet for this session, but it is expected to announce the DA Hike News 2024 in March 2024 during the festival season of Holi. 

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DA Increment 2024

The central government is preparing the salary and other facilities for their Central Government employees according to the provisions of the 7th pay commission which is affected from 2016. According to the 7th pay commission, the government should increase the dearness allowance for the employees two times a year. So Central government is following the provision and providing a Hike in DA from January to June and July to December sessions in a year. Currently, employees are receiving 46% DA which was hiked in October month of 2023. 

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DA will be started from 0%

DA Hike News 2024: The central government is expected to prepare the 8th pay Commission for their employees as DA is going to reach for up to 50% of the basic salary. The 7th pay commission had told the government to revise the pay commission after reaching DA up to 50%. However, dearness allowance will be reached for 50% in upcoming months, and after that employees will receive half of their basic salary as DA. So once it reaches up to 50%, the Government will revise the pay commission and start DA from 0% of the basic salary.

However, employees should not worry about their salary as the latest DA Hike News 2024 of 50% will be converted to a basic salary. For example, if any government employee is receiving an 18000 basic salary per month and 50% of the salary of 9000 rupees as DA, the basic salary will be converted to 27000 rupees from 18000 and after that, the new DA will be started from the basic pay of 27000.