DOPT का फाइनल आदेश जारी: पेन्शन मे वृद्धि, FMA 3000, कम्यूटेशन बहाली 12 साल, 1 अतिरिक्त इंक्रीमेंट का लाभ

33 SCOVA Meeting 2024: Pensioners organizations in India were demanding the government to increase the pension of the beneficiaries and increment multiple compounds in pension such as medical allowances, FMA, rotational pension, etc. if you have also a government pensioner who is receiving a monthly pension from Central or State Government then you should check the latest meeting and discussion regarding the increased payment of the pensioner. After that, you can also claim the new pension payments from the department according to the discussion between Government officers and organizations of pensioners. 

33 SCOVA Meeting 2024 for Pensioners 

Different pensioner organisations across the country participated in the SCOVA meeting on 22 February 2024 with the cabinet minister Dr Jitendra Singh and different Central government departments that are engaging in pension-related services for the pensioners.

After that, the discussion in the 33 SCOVA Meeting 2024 was sent to all related departments for their suggestions and feedback and the MOM of 33rd SCOVA was released by the government on the official website on 3rd April 2024, and have sent a copy of the MoM to all pensioners organizations that have participated in the meeting. After getting their suggestions, the authority will confirm and start new benefits that have been discussed in the meeting. 

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Mandatory health check-up of pensioners

Pensioners have demanded from the government to mandatory health checkups of the pensioners with a specific duration of 6 months or 1 year. However, the health department has said that the government is already providing health checkup facilities annually to all pensioners in the country.

But pensioners don’t need to complete their checkups, however, if any pensioner wants to complete their health checkup then they can visit the nearest CGHS hospital. The CMO of the hospital will allow pensioners to complete their health checkups annually. The department have also suggested that if any pensioner is not getting proper facilities from the hospitals they can complain it also. 

Extra pension for most senior citizens

Currently, all the pensioners are receiving the same monthly pension according to their last month’s salary before retirement. After that, they are also getting multiple benefits of agreement in allowances according to the 7th pay commission. However, the pension formula is the same for all pensioners from the age of 60 to the age of 90 or more.

So the organization of pensioners has suggested the government increase an extra 5% pension for those aged between 65 to 70, 10% extra pension for the age group 70 to 75, a 15% pension increment for the group 75 to 80, and 20% extra tension for 80 + senior citizens in the country. The secondary of doppw has responded to the demand of pensioners that it is not acceptable due to the current budget of the Central Government.

It will increase the extra financial burden on the government. Apart from this Central government is a role model for state governments so if the central Government increases age-based pensions for pensioners then the state government pensions will also demand the state government to increase their pension accordingly and it will increase the financial burden on the state government as well as centre. 

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FMA ncrease 

Apart from the monthly pension, the government is also providing fixed medical allowances to the beneficiaries of their pension. Pensioners are receiving rs 1000 per month to purchase medicines for their Medicare. Organisations are demanding 1000 rupees is not enough in 2024 to purchase medical items so it should be increase up to 3000 per month. However government officers have said that, they have already increased it by up to rs 1000 according to the province of the 7th pay commission and now it will not be increased further as per the suggestions of the finance department.

So if you are a pensioner or a family member of the pensioner who is affected from it then you can wait for the final solution from the authority. Apart from the pension amount, pensioners have also demanded to provide railway facilities for pensioners who have retired from the Indian railways. Railway is already providing medical and other allowances to all the family members of the pensioners including wife, daughter and other members. But they cannot fulfill the demand of 100% free railway travel facilities as they are already providing 53% compensation to the family members of the pensioners on Indian railway tickets.