Football World Cup 2034: Saudi Arabia’s Sole Bidder To Host The 2034 Football World Cup

Football World Cup 2034: Saudi Arabia has bidded for hosting FIFA men’s World Cup 2034. If the Saudi authority wins the bid, they will get right from FIFA to host the future World Cup of 2034 of FIFA in their country. However, there are other countries also which can bid to host FIFA World Cup. It is also confirmed by FIFA that Saudi Arabia is the only bidder in the bidding duration of FIFA for the World Cup 2034. Read this article to get all the information on the latest news about Saudi Arabia’s bidding in FIFA World Cup 2034.

Saudi Arabia Sole Bidder to host FIFA 2034 

FIFA has officially started accepting bids for hosting FIFA men’s World Cup 2034. The deadline to bid on this program was 31 October 2023. The officials of FIFA has officially confirmed on 31 october 2023 that there was only one single and sole bidder who have participated to show the interest to bid to host 2034 FIFA Men’s world cup, which is Saudi Arabia. However, the authorities have invited all the football federations in their regions to participate in this bidding process. Australia has confirmed that they will not participate in the bidding of FIFA Men’s World Cup 2034. Apart from this all countries under Oceania have also not participated in the bidding of the FIFA world cup. So football lovers are expecting that there are high chances to get permission from FIFA to host the Football World Cup 2034 in Saudi Arabia. However it was only a bidding round, the selection was too complicated and it FIFA will finally decide to provide hosting rights to the country after completing all the rounds.

Football World Cup 2034: Saudi Arabia's sole bidder to host the 2034 Football World Cup
Football World Cup 2034: Saudi Arabia’s sole bidder to host the 2034 Football World Cup

Human Rights group on sole bidding of Saudi Arabia

While football fans are celebrating and expecting to get hosting rights to Saudi Arabia to conduct the 2034 FIFA football World Cup in Saudi Arabia, Human Rights groups are suggesting that FIFA to provide hosting carefully to Saudi Arabia due to the violence of human rights. Saudi Arabia has to work with the rights of migrant workers including men and women and should also reform citizen rights, especially for reporters. However, Saudi Arabia FIFA has also said that it is fully committed to fulfilling all FIFA requirements in order to host the World Cup. 

FIFA Bidding process

Accepting the interest for bidding is the initial stage of FIFA to select a country for providing hosting rights of the FIFA World Cup. As the deadline to report interest in bidding to host FIFA World Cup 2034 has been completed on 31 October 2023. FIFA will conduct a pre-qualification procedure in the year 2024. After that, all the participating countries have to fulfill all the qualifications and participate in the pre qualified bid books. All the necessary settings which are important to conduct world level World Cup in a city will be covered by the participating country and FIFA Congress will evaluate their preparations. After this, the FIFA Congress will finally provide official hosting rights to the country which will full fill all the requirements of FIFA to organise peaceful World Cup tournament in year of 2034. Due to Saudi Arabia is solo bidder, so it is highly chances to get the hosting rights to Saudi Arabia.

FIFA World Cup of 2026 and 2030

FIFA has already provided hostings for countries to host the upcoming FIFA World Cup of 2026 and 2030. United States, Mexico, and Canada are going to host the FIFA World Cup 2026 it is the first time in FIFA history to host the world cup combinedly by the countries. After that Spain Portugal and Morocco will again host the FIFA World Cup 2030 jointly.