Google Free AI Course 2024: गूगल बिल्कुल फ्री में सिखा रहा है AI, नहीं देना होगा 1 भी रूपया, आज ही करें आवेदन

Google Free AI Course 2024: Artificial intelligence is fastly fast-growing Technology across the world which is very advanced technology. Artificial intelligence- AI is capable of doing multiple tasks that can be done by humans only that is why most of the companies including Google, open AI, Microsoft, etc are focusing on building AI Technologies. So we need to know about the working mechanism of AI which will help us to cooperate with AI and will also help individuals to work smartly with the help of AI. However, companies are charging thousands of rupees to teach about AI but Google is currently teaching Google Free AI Course 2024

through online mode for everyone. So if you are also interested in knowing about AI and want to study Google Free AI Course 2024 free of cost then you can check this article where we will discuss with you the course details and the process to join Google’s free AI course 2024.Google company has started a new platform all Internet Google Cloud skill boost. Any individual can access multiple courses of AI from this platform free of cost and can learn about AI in depth. We are hearing such news of firing employees due to the termination of AI Technology at workplaces, So if your work is also related to the Technology including data entry, computer operation, etc you should also know about the capacities and working mechanisms of AI which will not only help you to increase your knowledge about AI but will also help you to maintain your job possibilities at workplaces. 

Google Free AI Course 2024

Google is offering Google Free AI Course 2024 for different subjects and fields related to AI. Any individual can join these courses according to their need. The course is prepared for all the levels including introduction level, intermediate level, and advanced level. If you do not have any pre-required knowledge of AI then you can select the introductory level and after that, you can switch over to the intermediate. If you have pre-required eligibility for advanced courses then you can also join those. 

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Multiple roles can be learned in the Google AI course

There are multiple roles listed on the official website of Google Cloud Skill Boost which will enable you to join any company for a specific role. You can learn Google Free AI Course 2024 skills for cloud architect, Computer engineers, application developers, Cloud Security engineers, data engineers, Data scientist, analysts, Site reliability engineers, Software developer, End user etc. So it will help you to learn about new courses which are highly demanded in the market to cope up with AI.

Eligibility Criteria of the Google Artificial Intelligence Courses:

  • Open to all, regardless of background or qualifications
  • No registration fee, making it financially accessible
  • Basic computer literacy recommended
  • Reliable internet access and a device (computer, laptop, or tablet)
  • Genuine interest in Google Free AI Course is the primary requirement
  • Commitment to learning is crucial
  • Proficiency in the Google Free AI Course 2024 language is beneficial
  • Google aims for inclusivity, creating a diverse learning community.

Google free AI course details

You can learn 5 introductory courses of Google Free AI Course 2024 in Google Cloud skill boost in free of cost which are mentioned below:

Introduction to generative AI course 

This course will inform about what is generative Google Free AI Course 2024, What is the difference between other 

machine learning models and generative AI and how to use it to build your own Gen AI-based application. 

Introduction to large language models

Google Gemini is credited for using the LLM model and this course will also help you to understand the working mechanism of LLM. If you are using Google Free AI Course 2024 to get creative responses then you can increase your creativity by knowing how to ask questions from AI to get good responses. 

Introduction to responsible AI 

The course will provide information on the responsibilities of AI, How Google is using Google Free AI Course 2024 for presenting its products, and the Importance of AI in technology. So if you are also managing any Google based product including website mobile applications etc then it will help you to know about how you can increase your reach to their customers by using AI.

Generative AI fundamental course

Google will analyze the knowledge that you have learned in this general AI fundamental course and will rank you according to your marks in the quiz. It will help you to know about your knowledge and retiness about AI functions

Applying AI responsibilities with Google

This is the last course of the free Google Free AI Course 2024 course series where you will learn about The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It will help you to know how can you grow your business or skill by using AI and will also show you the capacities of AI in the future. 

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Google Artificial Intelligence Courses Details:

  • Host: Google Cloud
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Duration: Varies from course to course

Google Free AI Course 2024 Deadline

There IS no fixed deadline for Google Free AI Course 2024 Courses with Free Certificates. Enroll and learn at your own pace for a flexible experience. Check the official platform for any specific assessment deadlines or updates.

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