Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024: Check Out Payment Date [5th July], Amount & Status,

Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024: The grocery items in Canada are increasing dramatically from the government of Canada is tackling this situation to provide financial assistance to needy citizens in Canada through the Canada Grocery Rebate Scheme 2024. The government will provide financial assistance under Canada Grocery Rebate 2024 in July, 2024 and now many of them are expecting a Grocery Rebate Payment 2024 this year. So if you are also waiting for the Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024, then you can check the latest information on Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024 Date in this article which will help you to get complete information on Canada rebate scheme 2024.

This is the financial relief by the government to the citizens who receive GST and HST from the Canadian Revenue Agency CRA. It is a one-time payment plan from the Canadian government which was launched in the year 2023. The beneficiaries are receiving amounts between 234 Canadian Dollars to a Maximum of 628 CAD. Multiple factors determine the actual amount under the grocery rebate scheme 2024 of the Canadian government for any individual in Canada.

Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024

The price of Canadian grocery items has increased up to 9%. It is very difficult for low-income group citizens in the country to survive and live peacefully in a very expensive environment. So the government has decided to provide financial assistance to a specific group of citizens whose annual income is up to 32000 CAD. The Canada Grocery Rebate amount 2024 is based on family size and income, with a maximum of $628 for families with four or more children.

The Canada Grocery Rebate was part of the federal government’s Budget measures to address the affordability crisis. The government estimated that the rebate would provide approximately $2.5 billion in financial assistance to 11 million low- and middle-income Canadians.

It should also be kept in mind that the government has not launched this scheme for upcoming years as it was launched in a critical situation in Canada and was aimed to overcome the crisis for the year 2023. So it is only a time payment plan for the beneficiaries.

Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024: An Overview

Authority Canada Revenue Agency 
Country Canada 
Government Federal Government 
Aim Help people with increased food prices 
Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024 Date 05th July, 2024
Amount $225-$628

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New Grocery Rebate Canada 2024 Payment Date [05th July]

The eligible Citizens have gotten the Previous payment in July 2023 and the payment for the GST/HST quarter is received once in a year. The citizens will get the Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024 by 05th July 2024 as received in the Previous Year.

In case there is any delay in the New Grocery Rebate Payment 2024, one has to wait for at least 10 days and still if they have not gotten the Ontario Grocery Rebate 2024, they can contact the CRA to know about their Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024 Status.

Eligibility Criteria for Grocery Rebate Scheme 2024

  • Only Canadian citizens are eligible to get the benefit of the Grocery Rebate Payment 2024.
  • If any individual or common-law partners are receiving GST/ HST from CRA then they will automatically get the benefit of the grocery rebate scheme 2024.
  • Any individual whose age is more than 19 years old can apply as an individual or with common law partners.
  • If you are an individual then your income should not be more than 32000 CAD however common law partners should not have more than 38000 CAD to be eligible for this scheme.

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Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024 Details

The Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024 will be calculated on the behalf of family structure has individual single person will get a maximum of 234 CAD however a couple with no children will get 306 CAD. Apart from this, the number of children increased for single parents and couple parents in the number of grocery rebates will also increase.

A family with one child, two children, three children, and four children will get a Grocery Rebate Payment 2024 of 387, 467, 548, and 628 CAD respectively. The marital status of the individual will not affect the Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024 Amount for the children.

Canada Revenue Agency sent the beneficial amount to the bank account of the beneficiaries on 5 July 2023. However, if government extends this scheme for the year 2024 then you can also get the amount in July, 2024.

Particulars Single Married 
No Children CAD 234CAD 306
1 Child CAD 387CAD 387
2 Children CAD 467CAD 467
3 ChildrenCAD 548CAD 548
4 ChildrenCAD 628CAD 628

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Canada Grocery Rebate Payment: Check Eligibility, Payment Details

Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024 Latest Update

The government has provided any Grocery Rebate Canada 2024 official statement on the continuation of the Canada grocery rebate scheme for the year 2024. However, multiple reports are expecting from government to increase the benefits by up to 7% due to an increment in the dearness and grocery prices in the country for the year 2024.

However, it was earlier announced by the government that it is only one time payment scheme and had not promised to the citizens to contain this New Grocery Rebate Payment 2024 for the upcoming years. The Canada Grocery Rebate Eligibility 2024 & conditions of the year 2024 will decide the continuation of this scheme. 

How to Apply For Canada Grocery Rebate Scheme 2024?

Finding right method to apply for Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024, but their is not any procedure to apply for it, it’s just automated system in order to become a grocery rebate recipient then just do tax return even if your income was not much. And the eligible will be directly given the amount in their bank accounts or may be check. Canadian Revenue Agency will be checking your tax returns then only you will be able to receive Grocery Rebate Canada.

Simply you just have to file your tax returns and then along with GST/HST payment will be credit to you by check or directly in bank accounts.

FAQ’s: Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024

When will the Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024 be made?

The Grocery Rebate Payment July 2024 will be provided on 5th July, 2024.

What is the Canada Grocery Rebate amount?

The Ontario grocery rebate 2024 amount is $225 to $628.

How will one get the Canada New Grocery Rebate Amount?

Individuals will get the Grocery Rebate Payment via direct deposits.

Who is eligible to receive the Grocery Rebate Payment 2024?

The individuals who are getting the GST/HST credit are eligible to get the New Grocery Rebate Amount 2024.

How to check the Canada Grocery Rebate Payment 2024 Status?