Increase Cibil Score Online 2024: EMI भरने पर भी Cibil Score में नहीं हो रहा है सुधार, अपनाएं ये 4 जबरदस्त टिप्स

How to increase Cibil Score Online 2024: The credit score is very important for an individual to get a personal loan, and it can be increased or decreased by the bank or financial company easily according to the activities of the customer. So once it is reduced, it is very difficult to Increase Cibil Score Online 2024 to maintain the credit score. One of the major reasons for reducing a credit score is paying late EMI or not paying the EMI, but if you are paying your EMI timely but still your Cibil score is not increasing then you can check these tips which are mentioned in this article to scale up and Increase Cibil Score Online 2024 and will also help you to maintain it for more than 750. 

Reduce credit utilisation 

Increase Cibil Score Online 2024: Credit utilization, also known as the credit utilization ratio, is a crucial factor in determining your credit score. It reflects how much of your available credit limit you are currently using across all your revolving credit accounts. Credit utilization refers to the proportion of available credit that a borrower is currently using. It’s a crucial factor in determining one’s creditworthiness.

For instance, if you have a credit card with a ₹50,000 limit and you’ve used ₹10,000 of it, your credit utilization ratio would be 20%. Lenders typically prefer to see lower utilization ratios as they indicate responsible credit management. High credit utilization ratios could suggest financial strain or an over-reliance on credit, potentially leading to a lower credit score. Maintaining a low credit utilization ratio, ideally below 30%, is generally advisable to ensure a healthy credit profile and better access to credit products at favorable terms in the Indian lending landscape.

Don’t reply for regular personal loans 

Increase Cibil Score Online 2024: A personal loan is a very unsecured loan scheme for lenders so they have to check the credit score of the customer before allowing the loan amount. The credit score is managed by RBI and if they receive multiple inquiries related to the credit score of a customer then they will define the customer as an economically weaker person who may be unable to pay the EMI in the future as he is regularly applying for a personal loan for his daily expenditures.

However, if you have already applied for a personal loan and completed the EMI of the loan and want to get the other loan amount then you can go to the secured loan scheme where you have to submit any security item including property details, vehicle ownership document, etc where the bank will not apply to check your credit score and will allow the loan amount instantly by depositing the security.

Increase your CIBIL Score from 0 to 750+ in India 2024

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Don’t apply for multiple loans

Increase Cibil Score Online 2024: If you are thinking of applying for multiple amounts then it is not a good practice for banks as they will easily identify your previous loan details on their system and if you have an existing amount then the company will not only your loan application but will also reduce your credit score accordingly.

Instead of applying multiple at one time, you can get the extra amount under a personal loan on top of the scheme where you can increase the loan amount and your EMI will automatically increase to repay the complete amount so it will be calculated as a single loan application and your Credit score will not be affected.

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Pay the EMI timely

Increase Cibil Score Online 2024: There is a 100% advantage of dealing with paying the EMI as you have to pay the additional amount as plenty with the EMI and the bank will also decrease your credit score on the system. So at the time of preparing the EMI, you should check your monthly salary and all other expenses per month and after that calculate your savings.

So if you are eligible to pay your EMI monthly income then you can only apply for a personal loan otherwise your credit score will automatically decrease and whenever you apply to open a new bank account in a new company, They will find out your details on their system by entering the PAN card in Aadhar Card details.