Karnataka State Board New Decision: 5वीं, 8वीं और 9वीं कक्षा के सभी छात्रों को अगले शैक्षणिक वर्ष में किया जाएगा प्रमोट

Karnataka State Board New Decision: There is good news for students in Karnataka state as the government is promoting students of class 5, class 8, and class 9th for the next class in the academic session of 2024. All the students whose results were pending in the state are now happy to be upgraded to the next class directly. If you are also living in Karnataka state and studying in these classes then you should check the latest information on Karnataka State Board New Decision to promote Class 5th, 8th & 9th in this article. We will also share with you the reason behind promoting student directly without releasing the Karnataka result in the state. 

The results of SA2 in the Karnataka state for the classes of 5th, 8, and 9th were pending due to the pending decision of the Supreme Court. It was affecting the educational benefits and interest of students in their studies. The Karnataka Education Board, has issued a Karnataka State Board New Decision notification to promote all the students of class 5 and class 8 and class 9th to the next class in the session of 2024 and 2025. This delay, which has affected students’ ability to progress to the next class and obtain essential documents like transfer certificates and progress reports, prompted the department to take proactive measures. 

Karnataka State Board New Decision to Promote 5th, 8th & 9th Class Students

In a Karnataka State Board New Decision recent circular, the department declared that students in the affected grades will be automatically promoted to the next class. This Karnataka State Board New Decision comes in light of suspending the SA-2 evaluation for classes 5, 8, and 9. The department underscored that this step aims to safeguard the educational interests of the children and ensure a smooth transition in their academic journey.

The Karnataka State Board New Decision circular highlights that despite the delay in releasing SA-2 results, students’ academic performance has been assessed through Formative Assessments (FA-1, FA-2, FA-3, FA-4) and Summative Assessment 1 (SA-1). These assessments have been considered to support students’ continuation in their education.

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Karnataka State Board New Decision is welcomed by stakeholders

This Karnataka State Board New Decision by the Education Department has been welcomed by various stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and educational experts. It provides reassurance to students and their families, who were facing uncertainty regarding the next steps in their education due to the delayed results.

According to officials, the automatic promotion will alleviate the anxiety among students and facilitate a seamless transition to the next academic year. It also ensures that students do not face any undue obstacles in enrolling in the next class or obtaining the necessary documents for their educational journey.

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Furthermore, the department has assured that efforts are underway to expedite the release of pending results and streamline the process for issuing essential documents such as transfer certificates and progress reports. This commitment reflects the department’s dedication to providing timely and efficient services to students and educational institutions.

Supreme Court Holds the examination of students 

The Karnataka Education Department decided to hold board exams for these classes, but this decision was challenged in court. The Karnataka High Court first stepped in and canceled the exams due to some issues with how they were planned. Even though the exams started briefly after that, the Supreme Court of India ultimately intervened and stopped them completely. This whole situation caused confusion and disruption for students, parents, and schools. To avoid further stress, the Karnataka Education Department decided to promote students based on their regular classwork performance throughout the year, rather than relying on the cancelled board exams. 

In addition to promoting students to the next class, the department is exploring alternative measures to address any gaps in learning that may have arisen due to the disruption caused by the delay in result publication. This includes implementing remedial programs and providing additional support to students as needed.

Overall, the Education Department’s decision to automatically promote students and its efforts to mitigate the impact of the result delay demonstrate a proactive approach to addressing challenges in the education system. By prioritizing the well-being and academic progress of students, the department underscores its commitment to fostering a conducive learning environment for all.