MACP Scheme 2024: New MACP Rules And Regulations For CG Employees Promotion!

MACP Scheme 2024: Today we will discuss the scheme which is for those employees who have not been promoted. We want to inform you that the government has changed the promotion rules for central employees. So come and let us know about those rules in the news below.

As per the recommendation of the Seventh Pay Commission, this scheme is for those employees who do not get promotions. Under the MACP Scheme, the employee gets financial upgradation three times throughout his career.

Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACP)

Under the MACP scheme, employees get three mandatory financial upgrades after 10, 20, and 30 years of service. Under this scheme, whenever a person works at the same level for 10 years straight and is not promoted during this period, he gets automatic economic upgradation after 10 years. After this economic upgrade, the employee gets a salary under the new grade pay, which is equivalent to the economic benefit from promotion.

The eligibility for this is such that the benefit of economic upgradation under the MACP scheme will be available to only those employees whose performance in the last three years is “very good”. If this is not the case, the financial upgrade will be on hold until he meets this eligibility.

Let us tell you that this eligibility condition was included during the tenure of the Narendra Modi government, the objective of which is to improve the performance of government employees.

MACP Scheme 2024
MACP Scheme 2024

MACP Scheme 2024 – Understand it with an example

As an example, let’s say Ramesh earns a Level 2 salary. If Ramesh works at the same level for 10 years and does not get any promotion, then after that he will be promoted to Level 3 as economic upgradation under the MACP scheme. Ramesh gets an actual promotion in 15 years, but he does not get any financial benefit from it because he has already availed the benefit of economic upgradation under the MACP scheme on completion of 10 years.

MACP scheme is beneficial for employees in departments where promotion opportunities are less, and also for those employees who are appointed under direct recruitment at Level-6 or Level-7. There are very few opportunities for promotion for employees holding this post.

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Promotion of defence persons

DA of central government employees is increasing. Before this, there is good news for some employees. Under the Seventh Pay Commission, some people are increasing their salaries and promotions have been announced for Défense Ministry employees.

According to media reports, the government has issued a notification for this. According to the information of the Défense Ministry, the promotion list has been released for Défense civilian employees, in which the period of service has also been revised.

What is the Promotion Policy?

A promotion policy is a set of rules that determine how, when, and why an employee is eligible for promotion. The company’s human resources team develops these guidelines to provide employees with specific and measurable goals to achieve when they are eligible for promotion.

“Promotion policies are meant to clarify how salary adjustments, title and responsibilities vary with position and job category,” says Danny Lynn Fountain, senior software engineering source at Google. “In other words, it is a roadmap for career development for both the employee and the organization.”

Promotion based on the experiences

The Ministry related to the promotion of employees has issued a notification that different experience is required for different jobs for different levels. For Level 1 to 2, three years of experience is mandatory, for Level 1 to 3, three years is required, for Level 2 to 4, three to eight years of experience is required. Similarly, employees up to level 17 will get promotion based on experience of 1 to 12 years.

Promotion standards have been set at every level. Also, the grade-wise list has also been shared. Based on this, promotion will be provided to the employees. According to the information of the Défense Ministry, this new update has been implemented immediately. This means that based on this qualification, employees will get immediate promotions. However, the ministry has not clarified how much promotion the employees will get.

Minimum eligibility for the promotion

As per the reformed rules, the minimum qualifying service period for promotion from Level 1 to Level 2 in the 7th CPC pay matrix is 3 years. The minimum qualifying service period for promotion from Level 6 to Level 11 is 12 years. The minimum qualifying service period for promotion from Level 7 to Level 8 is only 2 years. See below a complete list of minimum qualifying service for promotion from one level to another:

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Minimum qualifying service for promotion under the 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix

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Why has this Minimum Qualified Service been improved?

DOPT’s OM dated 9-8-2016 had informed all the Ministries/Departments to change the Service Rules and Recruitment Rules and replace them with the new pay structure based on ‘Levels in the Pay Matrix’ as per the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission.