Apply For No Income Proof Loan 2024: बिना सैलरी के भी मिलेगा पूरा लोन, 100% सुरक्षित बिना इनकम प्रूफ

No Income Proof Loan 2024: Personal loans can fulfill the instant need of money and all the banks and small Finance Companies are providing personal loan facilities to their customers. So it is very easy to apply for a personal loan but getting approval is quite tough, due to a list of Loan terms and conditions and eligibility criteria. Since personal loans are unsecured, so banks generally ask for income proof from their customers. So if you do not have income proof or do not want to show this to the bank then you can check this article “Apply for No Income Proof Loan 2024” where we will discuss how to apply personal loan without income proof. We will also discuss the No Income Proof Loan eligibility criteria and other benefits of the personal loan without a Salary Slip.

Income Proof is a very important document that is asked by banks while providing personal loans to their customers. Most of the people who are getting salary on monthly passes can show their salary slip easily, But other employees who are working with unorganized sectors, do not have income proof, or are self-employed also may not have income proof to show. So these citizens can face rejection of personal loan applications. However terms and conditions in banks are very strict, but if we discuss small financial companies which are also known as NBFCs (non-bank financial companies), you can apply easily for a No Income Proof Loan 2024 without showing income proof. These companies are registered with the Reserve Bank of India. 

No Income Proof Loan 2024

Features of No Income Proof Loan 2024

Companies are providing personal loans to their customers through online mode without visiting the branch. Most of the companies are offering 1 lakh to 5 lakh rupees personal loans instantly without showing income proof. However, these companies are providing instant loan facilities to their customers without having proper documents, so companies can charge higher interest rates than the banks. Most of the company that charge a maximum of 38 percent interest. The interest will also depend on your cibil score and other conditions.

Apart from the interest rates you have to pay the processing fees for up to 3% and additional GST also. However, once you repay the loan amount timely then you will get low-interest rates personal loans from these mobile applications. It should also be noted that if you are applying for the first time for a personal loan you will receive a small amount from the company. After repaying the loan you can apply for the higher loan amount.

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No Income Proof Loan Eligibility 2024

  • Only Indian citizens are eligible to apply for personal loan without income proof in these companies
  • The minimum age of the applicant should be more than 21 years. however, the maximum age will vary according to the company.
  • You should have a good cibil score we should be more than 750. 
  • Applicant should have a regular source of income, however, income proof is not required you should have at least any source of income with you can discuss with the Lander which will help you to repay the loan amount

Document Required for Loan Without Income Proof 2024

  • Aadhar Card and PAN cards are very necessary for applying for personal loan online mode which will not only work as ID cards but will also help in KYC
  • You should provide a mobile number which should be linked with your bank account and Aadhar card so it will help in KYC
  • Applicant should have savings on any other type of account in any bank in India and provide the bank account number and IFSC code. 
  • The company can also ask last 6 months’ bank statements to check your banking activities

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Without income-proof personal loan Apps

  • KreditBee App: This is a very famous mobile application in India that is available on the Play Store and App Store and can be installed on Smartphones easily. You can apply for an Instant personal loan of Rs 2 lakh Rupees by using this mobile application within a few minutes.
  • Paytm personal loan: The Paytm mobile application is used by most Indian citizens for online transaction activities, the company has multiple lenders that provide loan offers to the customers of Paytm. So you can also apply for a personal loan by using Paytm while an application
  • Smart coin: Smart coin is also a growing mobile application in India that is offering  100000 instant personal loans to their customers by using only a mobile application.

Apply for a personal loan without income proof in 2024

If you are interested in applying for a personal loan by using an online mobile application then you can follow the following instructions:

  •  download anyone mobile application that provides personal loan facilities. But you should download mobile applications from only the Play Store or App Store.
  • Now provide your details and contact information so you will receive OTP for verification
  • Provide bank information and document details for instant KYC

Once you complete the KYC, you will receive a loan offer from the company and if you are satisfied with the offer then you can click on the submit link. The loan amount will be directly sent to your bank account instantly after getting approval.