$1300 + $600 OAS Double Payment July 2024: Check Eligibility, Pay Date & Imp Facts

$1300 + $600 OAS Double Payment July 2024: Old Age Security scheme – OAS in Canada is providing monthly payments to the beneficial senior citizens in the country. Now beneficiaries are expecting CRA to provide an additional double payment of OAS of 600 CAD + 1300 CAD. If you are also living in the country and also waiting for the money released by CRA in the bank account of OAS beneficiaries, then you should read this article “$1300 + $600 OAS Double Payment July 2024” where we will share with you important information of OAS Double Payment July 2024 including the new $1300 + $600 OAS Double Payment eligibility criteria for receiving the double payment, how to claim the OAS Double Payment 2024 of old age security in Canada, a fact check of 600 CAD + 1300 CAD OAS double payment 2024 etc.

Old age security payment is prepared by the government of Canada to enable senior students more than the age of 65 to manage the financial and medical expenses to live peacefully in the country. Apart from the monthly retirement pension from the government, the $1300 + $600 OAS Double Payment scheme also offers that’s benefits to the nominees of the pensioners. While the government is releasing the monthly payment according to the schedule of CRA, there are news of releasing the double payment of OAS of 600 and 1300 CAD amount. However, the government needs to increase monthly payments as the inflation and cost of living is continuously increasing and senior citizens are suffering to manage Medicare and healthcare expenses. The financial report in the state are also demanding from the government to provide the extra $1300 + $600 OAS Double Payment to the beneficiaries. 

$1300 + $600 OAS Double Payment July 2024 Latest update

Canada Revenue Agency and other government authorities have not confirmed releasing the $600+$1300 OAS Double Payments in the upcoming month for the beneficiaries of OAS. However, news agencies are claiming and expecting the government to release the OAS Double Payment July 2024 Coming for Seniors soon. The government earlier released one time payments for the citizens in the country under CPP and OAS during the pandemic of covid-19. And also release other one time payment after this period.

Since the inflation is again increasing in different provisions of Canada so it is demanded by all the citizens in the country to provide OAS Double Payment July 2024 Canadian dollar under the old age Security scheme. Once the government releases $600+$1300 OAS Double Payments for the beneficiaries we will let you know on this page and you are also suggested to visit the authentic website of the Canadian Revenue Agency to get the latest information about $1300+$600 OAS Double Payments Coming for Seniors. 

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$1300 + $600 OAS Double Payment July 2024 : Overview

Title$600+$1300 OAS Double Payments Coming for Seniors
CategoryGovernment aid
Payment Amount$600 + $1300
BeneficiarySenior citizens

$1300 + $600 OAS Double Payment July 2024 Eligibility

  • Applicants need to be citizen of Canada to get old age security payment per month. Apart from this, the applicant should live in the country from at least 10 years after the age of 18. 
  • Once you get the age of 65 in Canada and complete the above eligibility criteria for OAS Double Payment July 2024, then you can Claim the monthly payment of OAS. 
  • Only those citizens who have participated in OAS investment plan during their employment period will receive the monthly pension after retirement from the government. As the amount is provided according to the investment so there is no fix payment for each citizen under the OAS. 

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How to Claim $1300 + $600 OAS Double Payment July 2024 ?

If you also want to receive the payment of the old Age security scheme in Canada then you are required to register yourself with the government by login on your my account portal under the CRA website. You can see the application form of OAS in your portal and have to fill your all the person information accordingly.

You are required to attach all the important documents along with your OAS Double Payment application form and submit it online mode or you can also download the application form so can mail it to the department directly. Once the department verifies your details you will receive the monthly payment from the next month accordingly.

$600+$1300 OAS Payment Schedule 2024

January29th Jan, 2024
February27th Feb, 2024
March26th Mar, 2024
April26th Apr, 2024
May29th May, 2024
June26th Jun, 2024
July29th Jul, 2024
August28th Aug, 2024
September25th Sep, 2024
October29th Oct, 2024
November27th Nov, 2024
December20th Dec, 2024

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Fact check about $1300 + $600 OAS Double Payment July 2024

As the inflation rate in the country is rising at a fast pace, therefore, the residents of Canada are facing issues with purchasing their basic necessities and other necessities.

As a consequence of this, the Canada Revenue Agency along with the federal government authority of Canada launched the $1300 + $600 OAS Double Payment July 2024 for Seniors.

  • This assistance will help senior citizens who are experiencing difficulties in managing their expenses and buying commodities.
  • The payment date of this payment benefit has not been launched by the government authority yet however, it is expected that it will be provided soon in the coming days.
  • It will be only provided to the person if they are either 65 years old or more in age and are permanent residents of the country.
  • For more information regarding the latest update and payment date, it is recommended to visit the official website of the government which is Canda.ca.
  • Make sure to double-check the details filled in the application form as this will help in avoiding any errors.