2 KW- 30 हजार, 3KW – 18 हजार और इससे अधिक 78 हजार रुपये तक की सब्सिडी

PM Surya Ghar Scheme Subsidy 2024: The central government of India has already started pm Surya Ghar Yojana where thousands of beneficiaries have already applied and started to avail the benefit of the installation of solar panel on the rooftop of their home. State governments including the Uttarakhand government are also promoting the scheme in the state to provide the maximum benefit of the PM Surya Ghar Scheme 2024 to their citizens.

Beneficiaries have to fulfill certain PM Surya Ghar Scheme 2024 eligibility criteria to install solar panels on the rooftop but now if you apply for the suryaghar Yojana solar panel of Central Government then you are not required to submit the technical report of UPCL. Check this article to get the updated information of pradhanmantri suryaghar Yojana 2024 including the latest announcement, implementation of the scheme, cost of installation of solar panel under the suryaghar Yojana, Central government subsidy for the scheme etc.

No need for the technical report in the PM Surya Ghar Scheme 2024

The government is providing different sizes of solar panels to the beneficiaries according to the consumption of electricity of the particular family. The solar panel installation are starting from 2-kilowatt units under the PM Surya Ghar Scheme 2024 , 3 kilowatt solar panel and so on.

As the authority is promoting pradhanmantri Surya Ghar Yojana in the state so they are providing flexibility to the beneficiaries who apply for installation of 10 kilowatt solar panels under the PM Surya Ghar Scheme Subsidy 2024. All the beneficiaries need to submit that technical report to Uttrakhand Power Corporation Limited UPCL to get the approval of the installation of solar panels.

But if you apply for installation of 10 kilowatt solar panel under the PM Surya Ghar Scheme Subsidy 2024 then you are not required to submit the technical report to the authority. As the technical report takes a long time to get approval, so the flexibility of not submitting the technical report will automatically reduce the approval period for the beneficiaries in the state and will get instant approval to install solar panel of 10 KW within one day from the company.

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78000 subsidy under the PM Surya Ghar Scheme 2024

Pradhanmantri surygarh Yojana is getting famous due to the rates of subsidy. If any individual apply for the two-kilowatt solar panel then they can get approximately 60000 as a subsidy amount to install the Solar system on their rooftop.

Apart from this citizens who apply for 3-kilowatt solar panel will receive 18000 per kilowatt from the government accordingly so it will also be up to 55000 rs. However if we apply for more than 3 kilowatt solar panel in the state then you can claim the Solar Panel subsidy are according to your solar panel but you can get maximum subsidy of 78000 accordingly. So it is a good opportunity for individual to use the solar panel for reduce the electricity bill as Uttarakhand have a huge source of solar power and it can be used for the welfare of the citizens. 

Solar Panel Installation Cost 2024

The cost of installation of solar panel is depend on the plant for the item which you are purchasing. Firstly you should check your need of the installation of solar panels. If you are a small family with his consuming approximately 100 to 150 units per month then you can look out the one kilowatt solar panel.

The cost of installation of the one kilowatt solar panel is approximately 55000 to 60000 rupees. However most of the families are consuming up to 200 units per month where you can look to install 2 kilowatt solar panel on your rooftop. You can expect the cost of approximately 1.2 lakh as it will not include only the price of solar panel but will also include other expenses such as the price of battery, installation charges, solar panel system installation etc. apart from this how much you increase the power of your solar panel the amount and expenses will automatically increase.

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Solar Panel Subsidy 2024

However, if you are looking to install 2 kilowatt solar panel then you can approximately 60000 subsidy from the government so you need to only spend up to 60000 rupees from your budget. Smart citizens are also getting short term loans from the bank for expenses of installation of solar panels.

So it will also enable you to apply for solar panel with a low budget as you can easily cover your loan amount with monthly EMI of 1 to 2 years. However it is a long term investment plan where you will able to use the solar panel for approximately 10 years without any problem. After that you may have to repair the solar panel according to the need. But it will automatically zero your electricity bill and will help you to save the money.