Retirement Age Hike News 2024: खुशखबरी! कर्मचारियों-शिक्षकों की सेवानिवृत्ति आयु 62 से बढ़कर होगी 65 वर्ष

Retirement Age Hike News 2024: The Punjab University has sent a proposal to the Union Ministry of Education to increase the retirement age of teachers in Punjab University from 60 years to 65 years. The ministry has suggested vice chancellor of Punjab University discuss this Retirement Age Hike News 2024 proposal with the state government of Punjab instead of discussing it with the central government. As the service conditions of teachers at Punjab University are similar to the other employees of the Punjab State government, So state government can decide on raising the retirement age of teachers to 65 years.

Retirement Age Hike News 2024: In correspondence from the under-secretary of the ministry to the Vice-Chancellor (V-C) of Punjab University (PU), it has been conveyed that the ministry thoroughly assessed PU’s request. However, the university is advised to reassess its proposal to the existing regulations of the Punjab government. This directive stems from the observation that the service conditions at PU should align with those applicable to government employees. The ministry emphasizes the need for PU to bring its proposal in line with the established rules governing government workers in Punjab.

Retirement Age is 65 for PEC teachers 

In 2022, the UT administration introduced Central Service Rules for its colleges and Punjab Engineering College (PEC), extending the retirement age for teachers to 65 years. However, Punjab University (PU) has its own rules outlined in the PU calendar, setting the retirement age at 60. This difference arises because PU has a unique status as a collaboration between the state and the Centre.

The president of the Punjab University Teachers Association (PUTA), AS Naura, explained that according to central rules, the retirement age should be 65. As PU receives a significant amount of funding from the Centre, Naura argues that PU should follow the same rule. PUTA plans to raise this issue with both the Centre and the Punjab government. Naura emphasizes that maintaining experienced teachers beyond the age of 60 is crucial to addressing faculty shortages and ensuring the quality of education at the university.

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Vice Chancellor Renu Vig on this Retirement Age Hike News 2024 Issue 

Punjab University’s Vice-Chancellor, Renu Vig, has responded to the challenges in raising the retirement age for teachers. She emphasized that Panjab University (PU) operates independently as an autonomous body and adheres to regulations set by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The decision to pursue an increase in the retirement age was approved by the syndicate, and the regulations committee is currently working on implementing it. Vig expressed confidence that this situation is not a setback, indicating that the proposal can be resubmitted if necessary. 

On the other hand, a senator mentioned that Punjab has been reluctant to provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for this matter. The hesitation stems from the fact that other state universities in Punjab have not been granted a retirement age of 65. The state government is cautious, interpreting the move as a potential step toward Panjab University becoming a central university, as central universities typically have a retirement age of 65.

It’s important to note that PU teachers, as represented by the Panjab University Teachers Association (PUTA), are not advocating for central university status. Instead, they are focused solely on advocating for an increase in the retirement age. The disagreement between the university administration, the state government, and the teachers highlights the complexity of the situation, where institutional autonomy, state regulations, and potential perceptions of university status are all factors at play.

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Punjab- Haryana High court on raising the retirement age of teachers in PU

The matter has been taken to the Punjab and Haryana High Court. In the initial round, the court dismissed the petitions filed by teachers. However, in the second round of petitions, the court issued a stay. This stay implies that any decision or action related to the retirement age adjustment is put on hold until the court concludes its deliberations on the matter. It essentially suspends any changes until the legal proceedings are completed, maintaining the status quo during this period of court consideration. The involvement of the judiciary adds a legal dimension to the dispute, and the outcome will depend on the court’s decision in the second round of petitions.

Panjab University Senator Gurmeet Singh has suggested an alternative solution to the issue of raising the retirement age. He proposes strengthening the re-employment scheme, allowing teachers to be re-employed for an additional period of up to five years after reaching the regular retirement age.