[Revised US Visa Rules] Check New Rules For Visa Approval जानें अमेरिकी वीजा चाहने वाले छात्रों के लिए नए नियम

Revised US Visa Rules for Indian Students Check new rules for visa approval: The US Embassy has updated new rules for providing student visas for Indian students in the US. There are many students in India who have completed their studies in various Institutions and organizations in the US under the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. The US Embassy has stated that they are updating new changes for Indian students who are studying in the US to provide visas to overcome visa fraud with students. So if you are also a student who is planning to locate in the US or already studying in the US then you should read this article and check new changes in visa approval for Indian students in the US as these changes have been implemented.

Check new rules for visa approval 2024

The United States Embassy in India has provided the information of new changes in visa rules for Indian students in US on Twitter platform. The Embassy has reported that they are implementing new changes in the visa rules to reduce fraud and abuse for the appointment system. The new rules will impact on the students who have US Visa under F, M and J student visa category.

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Use Own Passport information while apply for Visa 

All the students in US who have F, M and J student visa have to apply for Visa by using their own passport information. Students have to create their specific profile while applying for student visa so they have to provide the information of their own passport in this profile otherwise their application will be rejected. If you have applied for Visa appointment at VAC then they will check their your passport information and verify it with your profile information. So if you have entered any wrong passport number then your appointment will be cancelled and the visa fees will also not be refunded.

Use the correct profile while applying for Visa appointment 

If you have provided then correct information of your passport for Visa appointment in US then you should correct it. However after fixing the appointment students will not get chance to correct their information so you have to create a new profile if you have provided wrong information in previous profile. Otherwise if you have any existing profile then you can also use it for Visa appointment and should provide the correct Passport information in this student profile. It is also noted in the information provided by US Embassy that students have to pay again the visa appointment fees with the new profile as the previous in correct profile payment will not be merged with the new profile.

New guidelines for renewal of visa 

If any student is applying for renewal of the visa in US, or you have already renewed the visa recently and the password has been stolen or lost then you can also apply for Visa by the same procedure. But these students have to carry the evidence of their previous passport to show on the Visa application centre. Students can carry photocopies of their old visa for any other evidence so after that the department will corporate with the students and help them for providing the visa.

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US visa for Indian students 

There are a large number of Indian students who are studying in United State. Most of the students are exchanging their students under the program of student and exchange visitor program- SEVP. If any student who is going to study in US have to apply for US visa under F/ M or J student visa category according to their need. If you are going to study for academics in schools and universities in US then you can apply for F student visa in US, M student Visa is provided to those students who are going to study in US for no academic training. The J visa is provided for various individuals including teachers, student, researchers, followers etc. who wish to visit in USA for educational purpose.

What are the restrictions of a student visa in the USA?

One can only engage in off-campus employment with prior authorization from the USCIS. You are required to enroll in the specific school that your visa application has been sanctioned for. Your spouse and children, if in F-2 status, are ineligible for employment in the United States. Additionally, you are prohibited from applying for a U.S. Green Card.

What minimum bank balance is necessary for obtaining a US student visa?

To secure an F1 visa, it’s typically advised to have a minimum balance of $10,000 in your bank account. Another guideline suggests that your bank statement should display at least 1.5 times the amount listed on your I-20 form or a minimum of $10,000 to demonstrate eligibility for the F1 visa.

Can students use a fixed deposit as proof of funds for a visa application?

This type of fund can be used as proof of funds for an F-1 visa because a fixed deposit can be easily liquidated into cash, and its value remains constant throughout the period.

What is proof of funds for student visa?

To demonstrate your financial capacity for a visa application, you should provide recent official bank statements, typically from the past 6-9 months. These statements must come from your primary account, where your education funds are maintained, and should be obtained directly from the bank as originals.