Tax Relief 2024-25: सरकार दे रही टैक्स में बड़ी राहत, जानें नए नियम – वित्त मंत्रालय की घोषणा

Tax Relief 2024-25: The Indian government is considering reducing taxes for people who earn a lower income, as part of a plan to boost consumer spending. This means that individuals who earn between ₹5 lakh and ₹15 lakh per year might have to pay less tax, which could be a big help. Right now, people in this income group pay taxes from 5% to 20%. The government is also considering creating a new tax slab, which could improve things for these individuals. This move is expected to benefit those who are most likely to spend their money, which could help boost the economy.

Tax Relief 2024-25: Announcement of Finance Ministry 

The government is planning to announce a tax cut plan, but the details are still being finalized and a decision is expected closer to the budget announcement in July. While the proposed tax changes may result in revenue losses, the government is committed to meeting its fiscal deficit target of 5.1% of GDP for the current fiscal year. This means that despite the potential revenue loss, the government is determined to balance economic stimulus with fiscal prudence, ensuring that the tax cuts boost the economy without compromising the country’s financial stability. The Tax Relief 2024-25 plan aims to strike a balance between stimulating economic growth and managing finances responsibly.

One of the key aspects under consideration is the creation of a new tax slab, which could provide even more targeted relief. The specifics of these reforms are still being finalized, but sources indicate that the announcement is expected around the budget release in July.

Balancing Economic Stimulus and Fiscal Prudence

Despite the potential revenue losses from these tax cuts, the government remains committed to achieving its fiscal deficit target of 5.1% of GDP for the current fiscal year. This commitment underscores the dual objectives of the plan: to stimulate the economy while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

The tax reduction initiative is part of a broader50,000 crore economic stimulus package. Approximately half of this amount will come from the proposed tax cuts, with the remaining funds sourced from other government programs. This balanced approach aims to ensure that the fiscal deficit remains manageable, even as the government boosts spending to drive economic growth.

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Additional Support Measures for Farmers

In addition to tax relief, the government is considering increasing financial support for farmers. One proposed measure is to raise the annual cash payment to small farmers from6,000 to ₹8,000. Currently Central government is providing 6000 rupees annually to the farmers under Pradhan mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana.

The latest announcement of the new installment was released by the prime minister after winning third time of the lok sabha elections 2024. This increase is intended to provide additional financial stability to farmers, who are a critical component of the rural economy. There is also a proposal to extend financial support to women farmers, recognizing their essential role in agriculture and rural development.

Economic Context and Rationale

India’s economy recorded an impressive 8.2% GDP growth in the fiscal year 2023-24. However, private consumption grew by only 4% during the same period. This discrepancy highlights the need for measures that directly enhance consumer spending power.

Sources within the government have indicated that the planned tax cuts and additional support measures are designed to infuse funds into the economy in a manner that yields quick and tangible results. By boosting disposable incomes, especially for those most likely to spend their money, the government aims to drive a more robust economic recovery.

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Funding the Stimulus

The higher government spending will be offset by increased revenues and a substantial dividend from the central bank. The central bank is expected to provide a dividend of $25 billion (approximately ₹2.1 lakh crore), which will help finance the stimulus measures without significantly compromising fiscal stability.

Implications for the Budget Announcement

According to the news, the new budget, set to be announced on July 22, will detail the government’s economic strategy for the coming fiscal year. This budget will be closely watched, as it will reveal the specifics of the proposed tax cuts and other stimulus measures.

The Modi government’s approach reflects a strategic balance between fostering economic growth and ensuring fiscal discipline. By carefully calibrating tax relief and other support measures, the government aims to enhance consumer spending, support rural economies, and maintain overall financial stability.