US Domestic Work Visa Renewal Programme[pilot Mission]: Indians To Benefit Most [20,000 Participants]

US Domestic Work Visa Renewal Programme[pilot mission]: Indian citizens who are working in the United States are getting relaxation while applying for a Visa renewable from the government of the United States of America from next month of December 2023. The USA is preparing a US Domestic Work Visa Renewal Programme[pilot mission] to provide approximately 20000 visas from December 2023. It will reduce the additional burden on the employees to apply for renewal of the visa in the US who are working in the US from across the world to. If you are also working in the United States of America then you should check the latest US Domestic Work Visa Renewal Programme[pilot mission] update from the US government for their nonresidential employees in the state.

Employees who want to locate in the US to work in US-based companies have to apply for H 1B visa which is provided for domestic work visas in the US. Companies in the US hire thousands of employees each year in the US for employment according to their particular field, these all employees get H 1B category visas from the US government. However, employees have to wait for a long time for the renewal of their visa to join the company again. The United States wants to resolve this problem and reduce the waiting period for employees to get a renewable visa. So the government is going to start a pilot project for the domestic work visa renewal program from December 2023. At the initial stage, it will provide the renewal of visas under this scheme for a maximum of 20000 employees who are currently working in the US from different countries. After completing the pilot product the government will further increase or update the program accordingly.

US Domestic Work Visa Renewal Programme in December 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the United States in June 2023 and met Indian citizens. The deputy assistant secretary of US Visa Services has said that they are receiving higher number of applications from India for visa in US. The citizens have to wait for months to getting renewal of the visa due to high demand of the applicants. The pilot project of US for domestic work visa renewable program will focus on Indian citizens who are currently employing in the US and having H 1B visa already. They will get renewal of the visa within the three months after December 2023. 

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Objectives of US pilot project of domestic work visa renewal program 

The main objective of this pilot mission is to provide facilities of renewal the visa for a specific category which is related to the employment in US. Applicants had to visit their home country for approval of their visa, but now the government is planning to establish a new system to provide visa renewal facilities without going to the home country. It will prevent the workers to locate their hometown for only visa approval which is not only a costing procedure but is also a long time procedure. So this project will short the time duration of approval the Visa and also provide online visa approval facilities from the US.

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Eligibility criteria for US Domestic Work Visa Renewal Programme

The US government will further release a brief eligibility criteria in official notification after announcing the pilot project. but they are some initial criterias which should be fulfilled to become eligible to participate in this program:

  • Applicants should already have US H 1B Visa and working in company in US
  • Only foreign country citizens who are continuously working in US will get opportunity to benefit of this scheme.
  • The US may focus on highly demanded countries such as India, China and other countries where a large number of skilled workers are available and working in the US for different companies.

As many India citizen are working in United State in especially Technology field will get benefit as US need more skills workers across the world who can easily locket in US and work for their companies. So citizens who have already H 1B visa in US will only get benefit of getting approval for their visa in this scheme. However if you are planning to locate in US for employment then you have to follow the current procedure of getting visa in US according to the Indian and US Embassy rules. 

How can one submit payment for the visa renewal fee within the United States?

The individual pays the $205 machine-readable visa (MRV fee) using an online portal accessible through the booking website.

Who is responsible for paying the NVC fees?

Every applicant planning to immigrate to the United States is required to pay the NVC fee.

Do NVC fee expire?

If one year elapse from the last date of communication with the NVC, all fees, forms, and documents previously submitted will expire.

How is visa fees paid?

At the Embassy or Consulate, immigrant visa fees can be paid in cash (in U.S. dollars or Indian Rupees) or by a rupee bank draft issued by a nationalized or foreign bank.

Who pays Visa Fee?

When immigrating to the United States as a lawful permanent resident, payment of the USCIS Immigrant Fee online is required unless you qualify for one of the exemptions outlined below. This fee is utilized to process your immigrant visa packet and generate your Permanent Resident Card, commonly referred to as a Green Card.